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The Road to Bethlehem (Spiritual Reflection)

The road to Bethlehem is our road.

We come as did Mary, without merit, unadorned by greatness or worthiness of any form. She is a young girl, very pregnant ready to give birth on this very night. We come needing to be transformed into believing people, who have the eyes to see in the birth of her baby, to be named Jesus, a baby who is ours and for us.

We travel this road as did the actual people in the historical context. For them, faith was present so that God could work the miracle of salvation among them. For us, faith is the only way through which, God can give salvation.

The road we travel on Christmas Eve is full of significance for us.

It was for us that Jesus has come. Our road to life is not an easy road, as it was not easy for the people who first travelled it. The road is not smoothly paved and with several lanes; it is a narrow road with bumps and potholes. Nevertheless, it is a road full of comfort and joy of a Saviour who has conquered all. The road leads to the sure destination of a house of joy in eternity.

The road is narrow, has many bends and turns that hide the wonderful end of our journey, but which can be glimpsed through the faith our Saviour gives. While the road is one that is fraught with suffering, the almighty one, changes that suffering into a marvellous and all-embracing peace, which comforts and strengthens the travellers, bringing them to that wonderous place of being totally embraced to rest in our Father’s arms.

The Journey is a human one in our world. It is real with all the things associated with us. The sweat and aches of walking and sitting on a donkey and the stench and smelliness of a stable. Let us join the journey with these humble folks, walk with them as they did, let the Lord work faith in our heart so that we believe, as did Mary, Joseph, the shepherds and the wise men over 2,000 years ago.

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