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The Truth is ...

Truth has been kidnapped, mugged, bashed, and battered,

In a world of creative compromise and self-serving economic manipulation,

It serves the boss who holds the reins of control over information and knowledge,

A master who values the power which comes with achieving a desired outcome.

Truth is the servant of its boss as what is done becomes a fact of history,

The truth is known when evidence is uncovered and the details displayed,

Where judgement can be brought down and cause and effect verified,

Facts are clear, and rules of nature are unable to be disputed.

Fruit plucked from the tree poisoned the life of humanity,

The outcome, every living thing dies, is proof enough to make it true,

No one is left standing to argue the toss, it cannot be denied,

The snake that deceived also gained that unexpected judgement.

Truth is bold, passionate, uncompromising, unashamed, and indestructible,

Truth is all that remains when all that is impure and tarnished is stripped away,

Truth stands firm when challenged and it has been the cause of torment for billions of people,

Standing for truth has brought death and destruction at the hands of its enemies in all ages.

Standing up for the truth believers were fed to the lions, boiled in oil, coated in tar,

Nero ignited people as blazing torches lighting his garden such is its power,

Truth is a sword that cuts through lies and destroys all falsehood,

Those who rationalise falsehood to concoct imitation truth end up totally shattered.

Truth is real, hard like igneous rock, firm in its eternal standing,

Truth is found at its source and that is at the beginning of time when God created all things,

Truth is grounded in the love of God and His relationship with His creation,

Truth is the witnessed facts and evidence revealed by God to humanity.

Truth has been laid out by God himself and delivered by Father, Son and Holy Spirit,

Without the love and good will of God given through Jesus,

Humanity would live and die without knowing truth which provides hope and love,

To a world that chose falsehood and egocentric self-aggrandizement to be its wisdom.

The truth is that God loves His creation and that He sent Jesus to solve the sin problem,

The solution to sin is to welcome sinner while teaching God’s uncompromising truth,

The creation and fall stand in history and humanity turned its back on love and life in God,

The truth is that in Jesus, God’s Son, all sinners are offered the gift of restoration and life.

The wisdom of the truth is foolishness to the world and to those who are perishing,

When Jesus returns with all the hosts of heaven there the glory of the truth will shine forth,

Truth in humanity will be separated from the counterfeit of deception.

God will reclaim those with the righteous robe of truth to be with Him for eternity.

A great summary of truth is found in the statement of the Apostles,

As witnesses they tell the truth of God and humanity,

The history has been written in the book God gave and in the living testament of humanity,

Truth is found in Jesus at the foot of the cross.

Neil P. Schiller

Sunday, 11 October 2020

Inspired by reading Saving Christianity by Michael Youssef, Tyndale Momentum, Illinois, 2020.

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