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The Widow Maker (Song Lyrics)

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

(A song about relationships)

1. God shapes the lives of those who let Him,

He renews each heart clogged with pride and sin,

He places all our rebellion on his Son,

That forgiveness for us was won.

2. Through Jesus; grace comes to us

Life blood flows deep into our heart,

Choices guided by his Spirit

Safely leading to stand apart.

3. Hands, feet, mind, and tongue,

Instruments of praise become

Purposed to show our Father’s ache

To rescue lives and life retake.

4. Forgiven, recreated from above,

To know and live the Father’s love

Oh, how wonderful to know,

That God has done it so.

5. Our life saved by God to be,

Recreated, renewed, set free.

This miracle done through his Son,

For all the world – for everyone.

Chorus: (personalised)

How great the Father’s love for me!

Sending his Son to set me free.

I know my life is not my own,

I know that Jesus leads me home!

Chorus: (whole Christian community)

How great the Father’s love for us!

Sending his Son to set us free.

We know our life is not our own,

We know that Jesus leads us home!

Neil P. Schiller

2018/ Revised August 2019

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