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Till or Plough (Poems)

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Let the Word of God plough the uncultivated areas of the heart.

Read and digest His Word throughout the day,

in every season of life.

Let His Word till your heart

Until the soil is soft and friable,

ready to produce His fruit.

Jeremiah (4:3) said that we need to plough up the hard ground

within us,

so that the seed which is good is not wasted among the thorns.

The field that is our earthly days,

is prone to produce thorns by what we see and hear and the choices that we make,

We don't need to let the thorns grow strong and take away moisture from the good seed,

We have a choice to look and see the thorns within and not nurture them.

Using God's Word, we have the power to plough the thorns out,

The Spirit empowers us to uproot those weeds,

so that the field of our life produces

the abundant harvest that we were prepared to produce

when God planned our life,

before it even started.

The Good News is that the peace of God passes on to us

the power of the Spirit

to see the weeds and thorns

and give us the strength of heart and mind

to till them out.

We are never alone in our field of life,

unless we turn away from the Word and allow the field to spoil.

There are others who are good farmers around us who also work their field.

They share their knowledge with us if we join with them

in giving praise to our loving Creator and his only son,

who is the Lord of the Harvest.

He will gather us in and take us home.

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