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Humanity shut God out,

Disrupted the perfection of creation,

We distanced ourselves and moved from the light of life,

To participate in the darkness of death not believing it would happen,

We thought we would be equal to God and all-knowing like Him,

We did not understand the barrier that eating the fruit raised,

That we would be isolated outside of the garden.

We could no longer live in the presence of God,

Holiness and sin are incompatible.

God is love and light and life,

Without Him, darkness is being alone, without touch, without hugs and closeness,

Darkness conveys hopelessness,

Darkness separates us from our Father Creator,

Darkness brings doubt, leeches out happiness and the colour of life,

But the history of humanity does not end there.

God comes into the darkness and draws us close to Him,

He is our loving Father Creator still,

He is the One who brings light and life,

He is the One who dispels all darkness.

He shatters darkness to pieces,

Bringing the blazing brilliance of the light of life to the world,

Jesus bursts forth from the darkness of death and the tomb,

To embrace and open His arms to us,

Through Jesus He restores us into the relationship that existed before the Fall,

Our sins are forgiven, and God’s love is available to us all and to share with each other.

This is the true story of the relationship of God in saving His Creation.

Our next chapter in the story is yet to come when Jesus returns.

He will call time to an end and take all who believe in him into the eternal light of life forever.

Neil P. Schiller

Sunday, 19 April 2020 (Based on thoughts from Pastor Roelof’s sermon, preached online, on verses from John Chapters 1 and 3)

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