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Vows Renewal

On land, at sea, in a park,

In 1979, in 1999 and in 2020,

Love and commitment to each other,

And abundant blessings from above,

We celebrated, affirmed, and reaffirm our love.

Time brings us to this day,

Not in the intended way,

Covid -19 and cruise abandoned,

Delayed the planned ceremony,

Leaving Jenny and I to improvise.

The dress and suit existed,

Though the date and venue not,

Jenny had some blood tests done,

MDS was diagnosed, and treatment sought,

For Neil a tooth implant and CPAP machine bought.

November twenty one,

The service time was set for four,

This time with new family and friends present,

Praising God for what He has done,

By joining us together in marriage as one.

Married life is a masterpiece created by God for us,

In which we have been challenged to bring out our best,

Developing each our gifts, others to serve and bless,

Education has been the arena in which we have served,

Privileged to teach children and give them the benefit of God’s Word.

God, our strong protector, brought us through tough times,

In my family three have died, my parents and my older brother,

Jenny also has recently farewelled her loving dear mother,

Illnesses too has come our way,

Praise God, most did not stay.

We are thankful for the travelling we have done,

Cruises and holidays with our children were great fun,

Family celebrations with laughter around the table,

Food and drink, ice-cream, and lollies too,

Christmas parcels opened on Christmas Eve.

Our home and garden is our special place,

We love to see plants grow,

Mowed lawn, spread out green, flowers to delight,

Complimented by new edging and lights,

With animal statues on display.

Love within family is an awesome gift from God,

It is where we learn forgiveness, patience, sharing and faithfulness,

And all the other values which the Holy Spirit sends,

Above all else we learn to talk to one another and on God depend,

And while as adults we live apart (from our children) there is a closeness in our heart.

Finally, on this special Vows Renewal Day,

I really have to say,

God answered all the prayers of my youth,

To give me a beautiful, clever, and amazing wife,

Who will love me all the days of our life.

Neil P. Schiller Thursday, 19 November

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