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What Are You Waiting For

Don’t like waiting,

Don’t like lining up in cues,

Need to do something,

No time to lose!

Want to see something,

See work get done,

Waiting is ridiculous,

Hours too few.

Move into the left lane,

Stop holding me up,

No time to rest,

I’m getting distressed.

Being in control,

That’s the way it’s done,

When the choice is in my court,

I know the match is won!

But when control is not mine,

Who should I trust?

Who controls my destiny?

When waiting I must!

When life is over,

What response will I give?

Did I trust in Jesus?

Accept his sacrifice and live.

Neil P. Schiller

Poem inspired by Pastor Mark Edwards address to City Hope,

Sunday, 14 March 2021

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