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What do you think the world will learn from the C-19 experience? Will there be a lasting legacy?

We live in a time of stress. The news is currently challenging as we hear more and

more things which cause us to feel distressed. Fear can take over if we receive such news with an attitude of isolation and hopelessness. We don't need to be that way. We are not alone and the Government and many, many people are reaching out in unprecedented ways to lift those in crisis. We are built with a DNA for community and when we tap into that, great things happen. The world has never come together as it is now to fight a common enemy! Many good things will flow from the networks currently being built between people, nations and the communities that exist throughout our nation and the world. What we are seeing in terms of the good in people is nothing short of inspiring! The pessimists and soothsayers are being shown to be purveyors of hate and destruction pushing lies and agendas for personal gain. The Media is even returning to factual reporting instead of using innuendo and sensationalism full of speculation.

I hope the changes that are being made due to this current suffering will be ones that remain to be built on and produce a world which is much more people centred rather than thing centred; that there are greater things of value than profit!

Legacies for the future?

True success is when we provide for the needs of all people everywhere! It is amazing how genius rises up in times of extreme challenge to produce excellence in problem solving, resulting in wonderful new inventions and discoveries to bring huge positive advances in every field of endeavour, in medicine, in administration, in decision making, in processes and in technologies. We are and will not be overrun by this pestilence. We will remember 2020 as a time when the world gained an appreciation of what good Government means to humanity and what it truly means to value life!

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