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What's the reason why?

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Life is full of questions,

Mysteries continually us surround,

Night turns into day,

Sunshine bursts over the horizon,

And the darkness is cast away.

Flowers track lights’ rays,

Warmth and moisture unite,

Photosynthesis enriches the airways,

Nature gives new life to our delight,

People, fauna, and flora flourish,

The earth populated and nourished.

Seasons come and go,

Tides and moons ebb and flow,

Who made all this to be?

How come a seed can become a tree?

Constant changes around us play,

As we live on from day to day.

People learn to do old things another way!

Scientists experiment to find new cures,

Problems are the bread and butter of economic health,

Getting from A to B successfully brings wealth.

Leaders make decisions and change occurs,

Sometimes the decisions would be better deferred,

Busy crowded highways infuriate drivers,

Roadworks further slow them down,

Hopeful improving movement throughout the town.

We live in a place of complex complication,

People moving all about,

Creating a multiplicity of interaction,

To seek a living out,

While figuring what life for them is all about.

Where can we find true meaning,

For the ebb and flow of life?

Who can we blame when major things turn into strife?

Is it fate, the government, or did we do something wrong?

Some would say it is bad luck,

Others say the choices made were bad,

Some just shake their head and say,

The problem that have come their way,

Come from how they were raised by Mum and Dad.

In ancient times the people blamed the King who set the rules,

He controlled the cities and the taxed the workers’ goods,

To keep the peace and ensure better neighbourhoods,

Yet that was not enough as there were always nations,

Wanting what others had, became a great temptation.

Wars were fought and people killed, and life got bad,

Finally, one side stopped fighting and surrendered,

Realizing further devastation was worse than sad.

Life has no meaning others say,

It is what you make of it each day,

There is no more to it and then it is all over anyway.

All people have a world view and there are many more,

As well as the two above for us to explore.

If life has a meaning,

All things are more than chance.

It stands to reason that someone made life happen,

That there is a purpose to live and life is not a farse.

It did not just evolve,

Or spring up out of nothingness,

And become a world so vast.

We were created and planted on earth like a tree,

Sent to bear fruit, multiply and blessed to be,

Forming caring communities to live and be free.

God of the universe created us to rule,

All that He made, and to enjoy life to the full.

So that we could live eternally in peace and unity with Him.

Unfortunately, humanity fouled it up by falling into sin,

A rescue mission was then required,

To recapture the relationship of intimacy with Him,

He sent His Son to pay the price and buy us back,

For God created human life,

He gifted humanity with all the blessing known today,

A universe with awesome diversity and splendour,

Sky and sea, and mountains in towering grandeur,

Food and wine that to savour is divine,

That humanity could see His glory shine,

And recognise life has worth and meaning all its own,

That we should be together with God and share His eternal home.

Monday, 31 August 2020

Inspired by the Bethany Lutheran Church Sermon Series for August entitled, “Back to Basics”, preached by Pastor Roelf Buitendag.

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