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WHERE do I live?

I don’t live in a castle,

I don’t live in a mansion,

I don’t live in a big house,

I don’t live in an apartment,

I don’t live in a tent.

I live in a special kingdom,

I live in freedom, joy, and lightness,

I live without fear, anxiety and worry,

Free and unfettered by worldly cares,

Open to excitement with no cross to bear.

Every day,

I have a choice to make,

Will I allow the shackles of desperation,

Drag down my heart and mind,

And shoulder all the burdens I can find?

The answer is transformative,

Empowered to give me life,

It is not about regulation and religion,

But in a relationship with Jesus,

Who is my deliverer and my Christ.

He is my protector,

I cast my cares on Him,

He shows me the path to walk,

He guides my heart within,

I never walk alone - I am with Him.

He always answers my call for help,

Giving strength to persevere,

I can keep on going,

Knowing that He is near,

His care for me drives out all my fear.

With Jesus close beside me,

I can endure all things,

He illuminates the path to take,

Showing me how to cope,

He is my life and sure hope.

It could be my life is in danger,

From illness, disease, or peril,

Unhappiness and problems arising,

To bubble up and swell,

Seeking my well-being to dispel.

It is then that I remind myself,

I never walk alone,

Jesus is with me always,

He will bring me through tough times,

Guiding me safely home.

Neil P. Schiller

Tuesday, 15 June 2021

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