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Is that the real you I see,

Or are you someone else to me?

What is it about you that I know,

That tells me this you, is just so?

The you I see that is authentic,

Is the one that I experience!

I cannot hope to know the entirety

Of the you like God your Father does.

We know the you that is only through,

The snapshots we receive when we are together,

That will too depend on the circumstances

And perhaps even the weather.

When one cannot even know their wife,

Or their husband as the case may be,

In all their emotions, desires, and inner thoughts,

How can we know and experience God to me?

There is only one way to know God

To look and listen and see the way that Jesus trod,

Do not look back, do not hold back,

Be still and listen to your inner voice track.

The still small voice within your heart,

Is there from God to chase out the dark,

To carry to your inner being and there know,

That God is within you and loves you so!

Neil P. Schiller


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