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WOKE, a Yoke of Evil

The words spoken, and later responses came,

They bore no resemblance to the intention of the speaker,

No confluence seen in line with the intended meaning,

Cancel culture again threw a black cloud over the message,

Political correctness wildly skewed like lightening hitting a power pole,

The reaction of the public directed to align with the slandering sentiment,

Fear and threat have replaced freedom of speech,

The flavour of the cultural cloud is power speak regardless of factual evidence.

Truth deposed and denigrated to opinion,

It changes constantly according to the undercurrents that are the preserve of vocal groups,

They have assumed a power to force the electorate to remain silent,

Fear and shame are the tools used to gain and keep control,

Violence and verbal abuse are necessary and justified.

Hate speech is the target of the Woke speaker,

While their own abusive venom praised in their protests,

The minority woke elements in society bellow their truths,

Regardless of the disastrous consequences economy, resource availability, mental health,

Once a target named for vilification there is no reprieve,

Forgiveness is not in the Woke vocabulary,

The truth is paramount justifying the past calamities,

wrought on the innocent past government programs,

Churches and religion of any kind viewed as mythology and irrelevant.

Values and virtues that have stood for millennia have been eroding since the sixties.

Respect, wisdom, and tradition banished as the Woke prioritise their agenda,

Climate control, social realignment. Gay marriage, gender identity,

Land rights and treaties, renaming regions and landmarks by a minority group language,

And falsely condemning innocent comments as racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, fatphobic…

Looking to be in control of truth as they define it,

Regardless of science, history, expert knowledge, and Google.

How long will it be before the silent majority see the damage done to our generation, our children, and grandchildren?

Is this the legacy we will leave to them?

It is time to speak out and stand firm on values and truth which protect citizens,

To reaffirm the values that build community, friendship, kindness, forgiveness, hope, loyalty, honesty,

And celebrate teamwork, belonging, happiness and peace.

What do you think?

Neil P. Schiller

February 2023

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