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Words, Words, Words!!

Updated: May 18, 2021

How important are words!!

Yesterday, after asking me about Jenny and her BMT,

A friend inquired,

“And how do you feel?”

Suddenly words failed me!

I really didn’t know what to say,

You see the focus has constantly been on Jenny,

Thinking about how she is feeling,

Making sure that I am doing all the things she needs for healing,

Taking care that every surface in the unit is clean,

Constantly washing my hands before touching food,

Doing the dishes and making the meals,

Making sure all her medications are taken,

Encouraging her when has she no energy,

Letting her know that it is not a chore to look after her,

Asking her how she feels and being positive that she is doing well.

Her doctors and specialists are amazed and incredibly happy with her progress.

She came out of hospital on day seventeen!

Already we are nearly halfway through 100 hundred days,

For me, the days are going quickly,

I am constantly busy,

I too have appointments,

The dentist in Caboolture` and the Specialists I see,

My chiropractor regularly and attending to my Neurofeedback Therapy,

My GP checks my blood pressure,

Scripts are renewed,

The shopping is completed,

The weekend roster is now working allowing me to go home,

Giving me a needed break and time to spend attending to our garden,

Jenny sees see our girls again or perhaps a friend,

And while there I gather items Jenny needs.

I feel busy and glad for every win.

Each day is one day nearer to living home again.

The journey is a rough one, a roller coast at best,

There are deep valleys and huge, mighty crests,

Sometimes I am scared for her,

Sometimes I feel her anguishing pain,

Sometimes I feel blessed that healing is happening,

And symptoms have started to wane,

Fatigue is a big problem, but it too will be overthrown,

And her illusive wellbeing will again be known.

Through all the above,

We trust in God’s love,

We pray for healing in His Name,

And give thanks for all the care received,

Believing that again good health will be achieved.

Neil P. Schiller

Saturday, 15 May 2021

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