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“You asked me to send a sign”, God.

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

People repeat the same pattern of rebellion against God. They do it again and again. Trouble comes their way; economic stress and even starvation. Loss of job, poor health, breakdown of relationships, accidents; there are many causes for anxiety. It is in their misery that they remember God and call on him for help.

Salvation only becomes relevant when we realise that we need to be saved from something! Be it financial failure, our own weaknesses and addictions, lack of foresight, poor judgement, bad choices, and dare I say it, our sins!

We can be regretful about what we have done. That doesn’t fix the problem we are experiencing. We can be sorry for it. Yes, we can be for being

caught out; so what’s that achieve?

We can repent, which is different from being sorry. When we do that, we see our troubled time as a time when we invite God to come into our lives to intervene and help us. God does that by raising us up. He gives us the resources we need and prepares us for the role He has for us in our life.

God changes things

He gives us new perspectives.

God points us back to Him.

He inspires people who serve, help and care for people in need.

He gives people in need courage to abandon pride and accept help.

He give back hope.

He is the source of all that we know in our heart is good.

He inspires love which is freely given; unmerited favour.

Neil Schiller


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