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Your Importance (Poems)

We are God's house,

We have planted but we have reaped little,

What we do to be seen has little harvest,

We cannot do life alone.

God sees our efforts done for ourselves,

Where is the praise we give and the preparation to honour Him?

Why do we put such effort into the things that don't last,

when it is our inside that is important; it is God's House.

Believers are the church and their importance is found in what is within them.

We struggle as church because we put so much effort into the things that don't last.

God says to hear the truth that makes you whole. I have shown you my love in Jesus!

When we focus on the things of the heart,

We receive the gifts that we cannot get on our own,

Don't live out the curse of being in and living like the world.

God calls us to test how good it is to live leaning into Him!

See that your love and joy will amaze you.

Abundance will be given as the flood gates of heaven open to you.

(Based on a sermon preached by Pastor Roelof on Haggai and Malachi)

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